Hong Kong has gone through its period of rapid growth. Young people there now with the same qualifications as previous generations can expect lower wages and less career opportunities. This has led to a deep divide in the society, which is getting much attention lately from local academic and mass media discourses. The wish to respond to these social issues through ART has been submitted for funding considerations in 2010. The project is called ۼ֧ in Chinese, a pun that names both the project's motivation and means of execution. The first character can mean 'to beckon' or a unit of martial arts gestures. The second character can mean happiness or music, and the third an ambition or a historical record. So, the three characters together can mean 'the intent for bringing happiness' or 'dance-music documentation'. Partly because puns are so difficult to translate, the project currently uses its working title as its name in English: Megaphonity.

The project brings with it three visions: 1) to experience commonality of humanity through artistic interactions, transcending generational standpoints; 2) to promote community links through art, accomplishing the many tasks needed in one ambitious project; 3) to point out, through aesthetics and self-reflections, the social relationships possible beyond power and profit.

com1p0st, a multimedia work by ming and friends

animations by ming